Mozilla WebDeck

Another Houdini.

This was another interesting competition!

Participants had to create web designs based on base layouts provided to them.

Judge: Prof. Malaram Kumhar, Nirma University

The winner was:

Arang Solanki!


Few of the creations:

Screenshot from 2017-11-04 20-58-22Screenshot (1)Capture15bce066Screenshot (2)

WebVR Workshop

Ah, it is my fault. I did the Houdini.

Saved in drafts, never published.

Here are the pictures from the eventQQ.

Praanshu Khanna had the workshop on WebVR- AFrame at Nirma!

Something for the first time.


CyberSecurity Enthusiasts Group.

A group of 12 highly motivated students urged MozillaNirma to have an initiative in the field of CyberSecurity.
So with heavy consultations with the MozillaGujarat Community leaders, we initiated the group, focusing on 2nd year students. With registrations of 73 students, heavy consultations and interviews, 31 students were selected and we started the program.

Session 1 was taken by Sumit Rajput, on Ethical Hacking and briefed us about various technologies and aspects in Cybersecurity.
Discussion Panel 1. Students gathered together in groups to discuss
Man In the Middle Attack
Session 2 was taken again by Sumit Rajput, where he made us familiar with viruses and password protection.

Web Literacy Program.

Members of MozillaNirma will be undertaking a mammoth task to literate and educate people in Ahmedabad and around the Internet and pseudo Internet Services. This is our first flagship event!

Number of participants. 65.
Number of teams thus formed. 6(5 with 11 members, 1 with 10).

Places visited.
Hiramani Old Age Home
Manav Charitra Charitable Trust
JeevanSandhya Old Age Home
Senior Citizen Association of Ahmedabad.
Students also created curriculum for the day of teaching.

Mozilla Nirma Inauguration.

13th Feb 2017 marked the beginning of an odyssey, Mozilla Nirma was officially launched today in the esteemed presence of Mr. Moin Shaikh, our Mozilla Guru, Prof. Swati Jain, Faculty in Charge, Mr Ritesh Ambastha, VP Engineering, Nail Biters.

The audience consisted of 374 students, from 2nd and 3rd year CE,IT.

Prof. Swati Jain shared her experiences in the world of open source and how she has been inculcating the OSS into her curriculum for students. Moin Shaikh sir gave the students a flavor of what lies ahead in the Mozilla Community and how to contribute and be a part of it. Mr. Ritesh Ambastha detailed the students about the various projects he has done in open source, and addressed to the student’s queries regarding project teams, and the OSS.

Today, i,Jayneel Vora, Club Captain,MozillaNirma stand here with a never ending stream of ideas for the club for the tenure of my captaincy. Hail Mozilla!

MozCafe 11.12.16

My first ever Mozilla event. Unknown to everyone present. Just a soul entering into a completely new place, different personalities. How do I gel with them? Would they judge me? Would I be able to put my points forward?

All those questions were answered in affirmative once the meet started. All fun loving people, yet dedicated to the cause. Constantly motivating my inner self to do more, and achieve more. Giving deep insights in why the Opensource,and various other domains, be it how to go forward, sharing their stories, some emotional, some informative.

Getting to meet the Regional Co-ordinators and getting an insight into the working of the community. And one constant in the motivation, Mehul Patel clarifying any doubts which pops up and keeping our insecurites at bay and making us open up.

All in all, I feel I have become a part of something i long ago should have been! Cheers to the community! Hail MozGuj! 🙂

Getting acquainted.

After being inactive for over four months, I finally interacted with a responsible person from the Gujarat community. Nikhil Patel, an amazing guy who gave me a track to follow. The Student Chapter! Three days followed.

Tireless planning with Kavi Sanghvi and trace out the details of the chapter. What to be done, how to be done? Core team decided. Now, what activites to follow and what trends to taste?

Again, Nikhil Patel. The guy is as patient as Job, made me go through each detail in a very minute manner.

Four hours of training followed. Year planning. And finally, i find myself proudly as the Lead at MozillaNirma.With a long list of activites planned up, and an amazing experience with an amazing team to follow!